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Beauty And A Beat | Christian Joseph 
[R&B Remix]

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a well tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men

You have no idea how true this is. 

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some of the best shooting I’ve seen for anything ever

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Rick Owens Sneakers | Photo by Rocky Li


Rick Owens Sneakers | Photo by Rocky Li

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Starlit Nights by AJ Rafael

Oh my gawh, memories :D

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in the midst of the election chaos, nicolas cage quietly sneaks away with the declaration of independence 

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TAMMY BALDWIN, the Senator-Elect from Wisconsin, will become the first openly gay person ever elected to Senate. MAZIE HIRONO, the Senator-Elect from Hawaii, will become the first Asian-American woman in Senate. TAMMY DUCKWORTH, the Representative-Elect for Illinois, will become the first disabled female veteran elected to the House of Reps. (she lost both her legs in the Iraq War).

Tonight is one for the history books.

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Things I Never Learned In High School



  • How to do taxes
  • What taxes are
  • How to vote
  • What political parties are
  • How to write a resume/cover letter/anything related to getting a job
  • How to write a check/balance a check book
  • Anything to do with banking
  • How to do loans for college
  • How to jump start a car or other basic emergency things
  • How to buy a car or house

but I’m so glad I know the fucking pythagorean theorem

thank you

o m f g i cant even

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me right now


me right now

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I wanna have a lazy date.


A day where we get in our pajamas, get millions of pillows and blankets, buy a lot of snacks, make a castle, watch tons and tons of disney movies, and just snuggle together. And why not, we’ll have a pillow fight too. Just a whole day, spending precious time with you… I’d do anything just to have this kind of day with you.

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